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The Speed Dial (a new tab page extension), selected by millions of users, is primarily designed to create a minimalist lifestyle that is truly efficient and elegant. 

The Infinity Speed Dial, an HTML5-based extension, will open up an era of high customization for the new tab pages of your Chrome and Firefox. Common websites can be added to Speed Dial in one step and displayed with icons; the customizable search engines, select HD wallpapers and widgets like Weather, Notes, Bookmarks, To-do List, History, Gmail Notifier, etc. can increase your productivity.

In the latest major updates, we added the Icon Folders as well as new features like line spacing, icon size and fillet adjustment to bring you a faster and more personalized experience.


1) Icons: Add your favorite websites through Infinity customization. Any website can be added to your Speed Dial in only one step. We have redesigned thousands of nice-looking icons for these websites, or you can also opt for custom icons and share them to others.

Drag and Drop are supported for the placement of icons. In addition, the Infinity Speed Dial also allows for personalized settings such as icon size, fillet arc, row and column spacing, layout, etc., making Chrome's Speed Dial fit more into the operation habits of users.

2) Icon Folders: Drag the different icons and drop them into the same folder to categorize your websites, such as language type websites, tool type websites, etc. 

The folders are also displayed with icons and there is no limit on the number of icons in each folder, which means your Chrome Speed Dial will be able to display more websites on more streamlined pages.

3) HD Wallpapers: HD wallpapers are selected from a number of well-known wallpaper sources; the alteration of the intervals for wallpaper switching is also supported.  You can also upload a local image as your wallpaper and adjust its masking density and fuzziness accordingly.

Click on the windmill on the bottom right corner of the screen to switch quickly to the next random wallpaper. Every day Infinity can bring you the most enjoyable visual pleasures.

4) Search Engines: Apart from the 10 search engines offered by Infinity (Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, Yandex, etc.), you can also add other custom search engines and even tailor-make dedicated logos for them. The search box size, fillet and transparency are also adjustable.

5) Data Backup: Data can be synchronized to the cloud and recovered from the cloud at one click.  The feature of automatic data synchronization is added to the new version, so there is no need to worry about data loss any more. 

6) Mobile Terminal Page: Scan the QR code using your mobile device to access your Infinity Speed Dial.

7) Gmail Notifier: Once your Gmail account is linked to the Infinity Speed Dial, a reminder badge for the number of unread emails will be displayed on the icon, accompanied by a sound alert. 

8) To-do List: Record and check the errands that you want to do or that you have done. A reminder badge will show up on the icon for the number of uncompleted tasks.

9) Notes: Note down your inspirations and everyday life trivia promptly. Images and hyperlinks are also supported. 

10) Bookmarks: Hide the default bookmark bar in your Chrome browser and access all your bookmarks directly from the Infinity Speed Dial.

11) History management: View and manage historical records with ease; search and clean up historical records directly on the current page. 

12) Extensions management: Turn on/off or delete extensions installed in your browser quickly.

13) Weather: Acquire automatically the weather information about the city where you are located or add the weather information of several cities. Compatible fully with the icon, it can report real time weather conditions. You can also check weather forecasts for the week as well as other weather information like wind speed and air pressure.

The Infinity Speed Dial and Cloud Sync are totally free, allowing you to operate Chrome efficiently and elegantly.

1. Add website icon: We use PS and AI to design and produce more than 200 popular and popular website icons at home and abroad, and are still in continuous update. The icon adopts a flat design, similar to the style of Apple ios7 and ios8, and is very popular among users. The default icons for Infinity's new tabs are: Weather, Settings, To Do, Notepad, History, Extended Management, Chrome Store, Gmail, youtube, facebook, twitter, and more.
(1) After opening a new tab, click the [Add] button in the upper right corner to quickly view and add icons for popular websites, such as google, amazon, ebay, etc., or search here, for example, when you want to add Instagram, you only need to enter Instagram, related products will appear - Pinterest, Reddit, VK, 500px, whatsapp, etc.
(2) When you can't find the website you want in the system, you can choose to add it. Such as a daily relaxed moment, Huihui shopping assistant, gif tool. Just enter the URL and name, Infinity can automatically generate a solid color icon (with multiple color choices), or upload the image directly from the local as an icon and then add it to the new tab.
(3) The page is added directly. What do you do when you want to save them to Infinity's new tab page while you are brushing Sina Weibo and headlines, but don't want to leave the current page? At this time, you only need to click the Infinity extension button next to the address bar, and the small window that adds the website to the new tab will pop up automatically.

2. Add icon folder: In the new version, we added the icon folder function, allowing you to add more icons in the new tab, and it is more convenient to sort and view. Drag an icon, move it over another icon, wait for the folder to pop up, and release the mouse.
This feature can come in handy when you want to put together a certain type of website icon. For example, put shopping icons in the same folder: Amazon, ebay, AliExpress, Flipkart, Walmart; video icons: youtube, Spotify, SoundCloud, Twitch, IMDB, TED; social icons: Facebook, Instagram, Hangouts, Tumblr , linkedin, Quora, Stack Overflow.

Both the icon and the icon folder can be modified in size, fillet arc, transparency, and pitch in [Settings].

3. Search Engine: The search engine in the new Infinity tab is also one of the important features.
(1) The default search engine has Google search and Baidu search, open the search button drop-down menu, you can also add other search engines. At present, the search engines that can be directly added to Infinity are: bing, yahoo, Yandex, DuckDuckGo, naver, Sogou search.
(2) Customize the search engine. You can also use Sina Weibo, Product Hunt,, Wikipedia, Pocket as your search engine. Remember to use "%s" instead of search terms when adding engine URLs.
(3) Other settings: In [Settings], you can choose to hide the search box, search for categories, or search for buttons; adjust the search box for shadow, size, fillet, and opacity.
(4) Search category: refers to specific search options such as web pages, pictures, news, maps, etc. appearing above the search box. For example, you can choose to search for news related to "google", the news source comes from media such as google or Sina. Search for images related to "Landscape", then you can download images in batches using Image Downloader or Fatkun. Search for videos related to "TV title", then you can download the content from coursera, Twitch, 9gag, vine videos locally using Video Downloader and other video downloaders. Search for a map search related to "place name", you can immediately see the specific situation of the place in Google Maps or Baidu map.

4. Wallpaper: There are two main options for Infinity's wallpaper. One is a timed automatic replacement wallpaper, a custom fixed wallpaper. Supports the adjustment of the mask's mask density and blurriness to make them more suitable for your visual needs.
(1) Automatically timed replacement wallpapers come from multiple wallpaper libraries, such as Infinity Featured Wallpaper Library, bing Daily Wallpaper Library, Unsplash, Life Of Pix, MMT, etc. You can also set the time interval for automatically changing wallpapers: 1 hour / 12 hours / 24 hours. If you want to save your favorite wallpaper to your computer, right click on the blank space to download it.
(2) Custom fixed wallpaper: You can also choose from multiple wallpaper sources we provide, or use solid color wallpapers and local images.

5. Cloud Backup: Open the settings, log in to the account in [My] option (currently support Facebook, Google, QQ, WeChat, Weibo account login), and then click [Backup Data] or open [Automatically Synchronize Data]. Automatically sync all content (URLs, icons, notes, to-dos, etc.) in your current Infinity new tab to the cloud.
If you need to use the new Infinity tab on other devices, click on [Restore Data] to overwrite the local data with cloud data.

6. Google Mail Alert: You need to log in to Google Mail for the first time and change the icon URL to infinity://gmail
After linking Google Mail, there will be a corner reminder on the icon, and there will be a voice alert when you receive a new email. This is also a feature that most new tab extensions don't have, and our feature is borrowed from Checker Plus for Gmail, thanks to their help to make our products even better.

7. To-do: Record what you have to do and what you have already done. Of course, there are many Chrome extensions in this area, such as Todo List, Task List, goal manager, task manager, anydo, tomato work, time management and so on. However, the to-do list in Infinity is more convenient. Enter the content and press Enter to create a new task, and the number of objects to be completed appears on the icon.

8. Notes: You may have used cloud notes, Evernote notes, and notes. Like Infinity, notebooks can help you quickly record inspiration and life, and support font size changes and image hyperlink insertion.

9. Weather: The weather data for the new Infinity tab comes from Yahoo Weather and will provide real-time feedback on weather conditions based on your current city. Click on the weather icon and the local weather details will appear on the right side of the screen. Although this feature is slightly less than the professional weather application, 365 weather, and good day (weather), it is enough in daily life.
(1) Weather location. According to your computer's ip address, automatically get the weather in your location; or enter the city name, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, New York, London, and then press the Enter key, then add the weather conditions of these cities.
(2) Temperature unit. Considering the different temperature units used in different countries, Infinity offers two units of Celsius/Fahrenheit for everyone to choose.

10. Extended Management: When you install more and more extensions, in order to reduce the pressure on Chrome, you need to manage them, such as open/close/delete. Same as the extension manager such as Extension Manager. When you click the extension management icon in Infinity, the extension management page will appear on the right side of the screen. You can control your extension directly here, such as Video Adblocker. For Youtube, Momentum, Tampermonkey, Lastpass, Unblock Youku, Speed ​​dial, EditThisCookie, etc.

11. Basic settings: Here you can choose to turn on or off some of the basic features of the new Infinity tab.
(1) How to open the target. Open a website in a new tab; open a third-party search result in a new tab; open a bookmark link in a new tab; open a history in a new tab. For example, clicking on the watercress icon will open the Douban website directly in a new window.
(2) Notice. Gmail email notification; Gmail notification ringtone; displays the number of unread Gmail messages on the icon; displays the number of to-do items.
(3) View. The screen and sidebar are scaled; the random wallpaper toggle button (small windmill) is displayed in the lower right corner; the popular website is displayed at the top; the bookmark is displayed at the top.

12. Feedback: Click on the [My] option and you will see our public number and feedback button. If you encounter any problems during use, please feel free to give us feedback.
If you think our products are good, then you can also share Infinity to other platforms in the [My] option, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Sina Weibo, QQ Space, Instagram, Douban.
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